Main Organisational Institution: DIAS – digital interactive art space

DIAS’ objective is to establish a vibrant digital culture through concerts, events and performances. The art transforms Vallensbæk train station, DIAS’ platform, from being a place of life’s daily commute into a creative platform with innovative exhibitions placed in the field between art and technology. Technology affects every area of our life, and the new period of time we live in changes art, as well as how we display and perceive it – at DIAS we call it new art, new time, new institution.
The exhibitions offer an opportunity to experience how the artists use and develop the tools of technology and aesthetic means to shape new possibilities and modes of expression. The audience are often directly involved in the art works, and new relations between spectator and art arise. The artists enter directly into a dialogue with DIAS’ unusual exhibition space, and creates art adapted to an area where audience does not necessarily seek out the art themselves, but encounter it by a sudden instance. Great international artists are attracted by DIAS’ special exhibition space and audience – so, keep an eye out and maybe you will meet the next Picasso on the way to your job. Digital art can be broadly defined as an artistic form that has digital and electronic media as the basis for the practice. More specifically, it includes special circumstances partly the genre-transcending (visual media, music, performance, lighting, etc. in the same work ) and the interactive. The overall artistic genres might include: video art, technology themed art, sound art, net art, network art, games, augmented reality and cross media/aesthetic projects.



Other Organizational Collaborators

CATCH – center for art + tech

Catch is an educational platform and incubator in Elsinore dedicated to explore the innovation potential within art & technology. Art-tech products, services and ideas are gaining attention both on the global art scene and in commercial businesses because the ideas developed are providing new important insights and potential radical inventions.

Art & technology is an artistic approach to technological innovation. New technology can find alternative use through artistic investigations and technology can be invented through artistic visions. People working within art & technology are dedicated to create new ways of understanding and interacting with the world the results are products, services, experiences and concepts that are both commercial and progressive.

CLICK – festival

CLICK-festival takes place in Helsingør (Elsinor) in 19-20th of May – right after the POM conference. Helsingør is about 40min by train from Copenhagen with frequent train schedule.

CLICK embraces the future by exploring the field between art, science and technology. Through concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and performances we conquer back technology to the arts and invite our audience to draw the new maps. By doing so CLICK introduces the whys, the whats and the wows of tomorrow. Now.

CLICK is developed and produced at Kulturværftet in Helsingør, where the festival is being held. The content is curated by a large co-operation of Danish and foreign competences of artists, scientists, students and professionals working with larger and smaller unions, educations and companies. These group members are elected and curated by the administrators of the festival program, and hold a close dialogue to their respective networks.

CLICK wishes to enforce cultural innovation. The vision takes part in Helsingør’s interregional strategy where forces from culture, science, business and education strive to create new cultural improvements in the area. The scene of new media and contemporary art is not fully integrated as a well-known phenomenon in Denmark. The purpose of the festival is to build an open platform that attracts a curios audience and give them the opportunity to become familiar with the current and innovative trends in art. Additionally, the ambition is to establish an environment where local, national and international artists as well as professionals and relevant companies can cooperate, share knowledge, expand networks and stimulate ideas. The festival unfolds a multiple program of concerts, workshops, lectures, exhibits and performances.

CLICK puts Helsingør on the map and gives Denmark a new important platform of media art, from where artists can improve, be exposed and create contacts in international contexts.